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Fun group activities for the elderly

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

As your loved one grows older it is important that they maintain contact with friends or make new ones to avoid them becoming lonely. Group activities can be a way to see and learn new things, laugh with people and stay happy and healthy.

Your loved one can easily join in with an existing group activity, or organise their own. Group activities can ease loneliness and depression, bringing physical and psychological benefits. Old Age Health Tips have provided some great ideas:

  • Meeting friends. Your loved one will feel cheerful after even a short chat with a friend. Maintain old friendships by meeting regularly for a cup of tea or a walk.
  • Explore the world – or just the city. Join an organised tour with a friend or by yourself. Your loved one might find pleasure in exploring a new country, or even just a nearby town or garden.
  • Senior dancing. Your loved one may like to learn a few dance steps – and they will be sure to share many more laughs.
  • Clubs. Encourage your loved one to join a hobby group that matches their interest. There are endless types, like golf, church, singing, exercise, craft and book clubs.

Group activities will help your loved one surround themself with old friends and new ones, and maybe even find a new interest or skill.

Read the full article HERE.

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"I would like to compliment Virgil for his efforts in coaxing my Mother to participate in the weekly fitness classes and Bingo sessions- This was my request at a relatives’ residents meeting two months ago and it is so good to see my Mother being encouraged to come out of her room and have some interaction with the other residents. Previous diversional therapists had not succeeded in doing this with my Mother. Keep up with the good work, Virgil! And thanks for keeping the residents entertained."
Rosie Ang

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